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    Q: I live in Sonora, and can pick up The Vine just fine during the day, but at night, I can't get it.  Why is that?

    A: Our AM station at 920 transmits a signal which is directed south, north and EAST, towards the Sierra during the day.  At night, we increase our power, but direct our signal south, north and WEST.   The Federal Communications Commission licenses radio stations like KVIN and regulates where our signal is able to broadcast.  You can always hear The Vine online at KVIN.net, and when the sun rises in the morning, The Vine is back in the Gold Country on AM 920.  This Day and Night direction shift takes place at sunrise and sunset each day.  You can also hear The VIne on FM at 92.3 in parts of The Mother Lode.


    Q: I notice that I can pick up KVIN on AM 920 all the way down to Fresno, but your FM 92.3 barely makes it to Turlock.  Why such a difference?


    A: KVIN AM 920 is a full powered station, which can be heard in most of the Northern San Joaquin Valley.  Our new FM 92.3 signal is a low powered "translator" station that covers most, but not all of Stanislaus County.  The transmitting tower for 92.3 is on a tall building in downtown Modesto, but does not have the long range our AM signal has.


    Q: I love the music played on The Vine, and I notice some times you have a announcer who will tell me the song and singer, but not all times.  Why is that?


    A: We want The Vine to play the most music at all times, so we don't want a lot of talk most times of the day.  The artists we play are big artists singing well known big hits, so most listeners know what they're hearing.  You can see song info that displays the songs and artists by clicking our Listen Live button.  You can email a song question to TheVine@KVIN.net.  Or you can call us and ask about a song at (209) 238-0920, just be ready to give us the time you heard it, a brief description, and be ready to sing a little if needed.  We love to hear you sing!



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